Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

New York University

June 22-25, 2023


We are pleased to announce that the 26th annual meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness will be held at New York University on June 22-25, 2023.

Submissions for talks and posters are now open with a deadline of February 15, 2023. Conference registration will open in early 2023.

Keynote speakers, symposia, tutorials, and housing have now been arranged, as specified below.

Please direct any inquiries to

We hope to see you soon in New York!

Ned Block and David Chalmers, Conference Directors

Keynote Speakers

We are delighted to host the following keynote speakers:


Prof. Yoshua Bengio

Université de Montréal; Mila – Quebec AI Institute; IVADO; Canada CIFAR AI Chair

Prof. Joseph LeDoux

New York University; President of the ASSC

Prof. May-Britt Moser

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Photo: Rita Elmkvist-Nilsen,
Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience

Prof. Thomas Nagel

New York University, Emeritus

Prof. Doris Tsao

University of California, Berkeley

Conference Location

ASSC 26 will take place at 40 Washington Square South, in Vanderbilt Hall, the home of the NYU Law School. This location is right on Washington Square in the heart of Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan. Within five minutes walk are many food, drink, and entertainment options, from famous restaurants and clubs to cheap takeout food and free music on the square. We’re arranging inexpensive accommodation in NYU student housing as well as accommodation in local hotels.

Call for Abstracts: Oral and Poster Presentations

The ASSC conference program will include a number of submitted oral presentations (presented in 15-minute slots including Q&A, concurrent with other oral presentation sessions) and poster presentations (visible during coffee breaks and at designated poster presentation times).

Submissions for oral and poster presentations, including an abstract of up to 500 words, can be made here. The submission deadline is February 15, 2023.  Decisions will be made before the early registration deadline of March 31.


Registration for ASSC 26 will open in February.  For early registration by ASSC members (by March 31), the registration fees will be $400 (faculty or equivalent), $300 (post-docs or equivalent), or $150 (students).  Registration for ASSC members after March 31 will cost an extra $50. Registration for ASSC non-members will be $550.  Note that ASSC membership ($99 for faculty, $49 for students) is available here.


We have arranged inexpensive student-grade housing in NYU residence halls within a 15-minute walk of the meeting venue. Student-grade housing is open to all participants, whether students or not. All housing is in suites of two rooms with a shared bathroom. Each room may have one or two occupants. Housing may be arranged for a minimum of three nights and a maximum of nine nights, between June 19 and June 28.

The cost for a single room (one occupant) is $120 per night. The cost for a shared room (two occupants) is $160 per night, or $80 per person per night. To register for a shared room, you must either pay the full cost of the room and give the name of the other occupant (who need not be registered for the conference), or pay half the cost of the room and give full details of the other occupant (who must be registered for the conference and who must register and pay for housing to secure the room). Note that we cannot arrange or match co-occupants of shared rooms.

Registration for student-grade housing will open when conference registration opens in February. More information on these accommodations can be found on NYU’s 2023 Summer Housing website.

We have also secured a block of hotel rooms in the Washington Square Hotel, two blocks from the conference location. Rates are available here. These reservations should be booked directly with the hotel.


ASSC 26 will feature eleven tutorials, to be held on the morning and afternoon of June 22, as follows. Participation in tutorials requires an additional fee per tutorial of $65 (non-student) or $35 (student). Each tutorial is intended to last approximately three hours with a short break in the middle. If fewer than 10 participants register for the tutorial, the tutorial will have to be canceled in advance of the meeting, and tutorial registration fees will be refunded.


Philosophical theories of consciousness: Rocco J. Gennaro

Mathematical consciousness science for the working consciousness researcher: Johannes Kleiner, Lenore Blum, Ryota Kanai, Wanja Wiese

A practical guide to EEG analysis tools used in the neuroscience of consciousness and cognition: David W. Zhou, Thomas Donoghue, Emily P. Stephen, Matteo Fecchio

Analyzing body-brain interaction: Esra Al, Micah Allen, Ignacio Rebollo

Measures and models of metacognition: Stephen Fleming


The sensorimotor approach to phenomenal consciousness and its link to illusionism and relational approaches: J. Kevin O’Regan, Keith Frankish, Dave Ward

Integrated Information Theory 4.0: William Marshall, Larissa Albantakis, Melanie Boly

Robust methods for within-participant analyses of neuroimaging data: Bayesian prevalence and information theory: Andres Canales-Johnson, Robin A.A. Ince

Shared subcortical arousal mechanisms across diverse perceptual and volitional modalities: Hal Blumenfeld, Sharif Kronemer, Kate Christison-Lagay, David Jin

Communicating consciousness science to funders and general public: Megan Peters, Brian Odegaard, Nora Bradford

A scale-invariant hierarchy originating in the cytoskeleton inside brain neurons – A new paradigm for the neuroscience of consciousness: Stuart Hameroff, Anirban Bandyopadhyay


ASSC 26 will feature six symposia, to be held during the main conference on June 23-25, as follows:

Affective impact on perception: Frédérique de Vignemont, Marisa Carrasco, Judith Domínguez-Borràs & Patrick Vuilleumier, Hilla Jacobson

Animal consciousness beyond mammals: L. Syd M Johnson, Jonathan Birch, Andrew Crump, Matilda Gibbons, Peter Godfrey-Smith

Broad-spectrum introspection: Metacognition and self-awareness across diverse domains: Jorge Morales, Elisa Filevich, Tony Cheng, Sarah Garfinkel

Mathematical spaces for conscious experiences: Johannes Kleiner, Andrew Lee, Catherine Tallon-Baudry, David Rosenthal

The interplay between consciousness and learning: Empirical, methodological, and theoretical advances: Lina Skora, Ryan Scott, Răzvan Jurchiș, Gaetan Mertens, Eva Jablonka

The richness debate: Michael Cohen, Ned Block, Liad Mudrik, Michael Pitts

ASSC 26 Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee evaluates the quality of submitted symposia, tutorials and abstracts for talks and poster presentations. We would like to thank the Scientific Committee in advance, for their major contribution to ASSC 26. The members of the Scientific Committee (* indicate those also on the local organizing committee) are:
  • Ned Block (co-chair)*
  • David Chalmers (co-chair)*
  • Richard Brown
  • Olivia Carter
  • Lucie Charles
  • Steve Fleming
  • Biyu He
  • Joe LeDoux
  • Matthias Michel*
  • John Morrison
  • Liad Mudrik
  • Claudia Passos
  • Megan Peters
  • Tony Ro
  • Luke Roelofs*
  • Simon van Gaal

Satellite workshops

Satellite workshops are independently organized events on relevant topics just before or after the conference. There are currently tentative plans for satellite workshops on perceptual metacognition and on animal and AI sentience (links with full information will follow in due course). If you are organizing a satellite workshop and would like it to be included on this list (subject to approval), please email with details. Note that organizing these events (including arranging a venue, catering, and any advertising beyond this list) is entirely the responsibility of event organizers and not ASSC.


ASSC 26 is made possible by the following  sponsors: