Membership Options

We have the following ASSC subscriptions available

Student Member

Available to students currently enrolled in a degree in an accredited program. The applicant’s research interests and major project should match with the general research areas promoted by the ASSC. In addition to the usual member benefits, student members are eligible for various ASSC programs and scholarships, including student activities at annual meetings.

Membership Fees
  • US$49 / one year

Regular Member

(without voting privileges) Available to applicants with a degree from an accredited University and an interest in the promotion or pursuit of the scientific study of consciousness as defined by the ASSC.

Membership Fees
  • US$99 / one year

Full-voting Member

Available to applicants with a graduate degree in a relevant discipline and at least two articles published in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals or the equivalent in scholarly output particular to the applicant’s discipline. These articles should relate to the scientific, clinical, or philosophical study of consciousness. In addition, members meeting these criteria will be entitled to vote on official ASSC matters such as Board elections.

Membership Fees
  • US$99 / one year or
  • US$750 for a lifetime membership

Registration Process

1. Submit Application

Select the relevant membership option above and complete the ASSC registration form.

2. Wait for Approval

Your membership application will be reviewed by the membership committee to determine the appropriate membership category based on your information provided.

3. Complete your Payment

Upon approval, an email will be sent to your inbox including a login, password and the url to complete the payment of your subscription.

Special Considerations

In extreme circumstances, individuals who do not fulfil the above criteria may apply for special consideration. This application must be supported by two Full-Voting members, in the form of an email to the ASSC secretary.

“We welcome volunteers who wish to contribute to the organizational and technical functioning of the Society.”

– The Secretary