The ASSC William James Prize

for Contributions to the Study of Consciousness

Competition Overview

The William James Prize is awarded for the most outstanding single published contribution to the empirical or philosophical study of consciousness.

The paper must be authored by a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar/researcher who obtained a PhD or other advanced degree within 6 years of the submission deadline. (i.e – Graduated between 2018 – 2024).

The prize will be given for Theoretical and Empirical work in alternate years. Theoretical contributions include philosophical and theoretical/computational submissions. Empirical contributions should report analyses of original data and encompass behavioural, neural and/or clinical submissions. The same committee evaluates the Prize in alternating years and the Prize Committee’s decision on whether a paper is eligible is final.

The 2024 Prize is awarded for Theoretical contributions.

Recent Winners

New information for the Prize:

To encourage equal opportunity, the eligibility deadline for being nominated for the Prize may be increased to take into account maternity leave or any other leave of absence post-PhD. For female applicants, an 18-months extension for each child born before or after the PhD award will be considered.

Next Submission Deadline

Applications must be submitted before: 31/01/2024

The Prize

Cash award

An award of $1500 (USD) will be given to the winner of the competition.

Plenary address

An invitation to present a plenary address at the ASSC conference. (registration, travel and accomodation paid by ASSC).

Lifetime membership

A lifetime membership in ASSC will be awarded to winner of the competition.


  • Nominations, including self nominations, should be submitted via our online application form.
  • The nomination statement should include a brief description as to why the contribution is outstanding, and for co-authored publications, there should be a statement describing the nominee’s role.
  • Information regarding a request for an extension of the deadline for maternity leave or any other leave should be filled in the form.
  • To be considered, the contribution must be published or accepted for publication and be written in English.
  • Electronic copies in PDF format of the contribution and the nominee’s CV (optional) should be attached to the nomination letter.

Prize Committee


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