Incident Reporting

This form can be used to report any incident in relation to an ASSC event or ASSC matter. Reports will be received by the ASSC Executive Director (Lucie Charles) and the ASSC Administrator (Florence Lourdes) and will be treated confidentially (see details below). Information on how incident reports will be reviewed and dealt with can be found on the ASSC Code of Conduct .

Name (not required)
Give details about the date(s) and time(s), as well as the number of occurrences.
Give details about where the incident happen.
Please let us know what happened in as much detail as possible, including who was present and could have witnessed it.
Let us know who you would like to receive help from. This can include the ASSC Executive Director, Members of the ASSC Board, the Local Organizers of the Conference, Local Authorities or a nominated person.
Let us know what you would like the outcome of this report to be. This could be: informing the Board of the ASSC, initiating a formal enquiry, taking sanction against the offender, reporting the incident to other institutions or to the local authorities. Note: The ASSC might not follow the suggested outcome and reserves its right to decide on the best course of action after review of the incident.
Let us know who you would like to be informed about this report: the Board of the ASSC, the local organizers of the conference. Let us know if you would prefer that you prefer to stay anonymous or who you would like your personal details to be shared with. Note: The ASSC reserves its right to inform Local Authorities or University authorities if needed.
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Upload any relevant files containing information relevant to the incident (screenshots of messages, photographic evidence, academic material) below:
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